A Generational Portrait.  This drawing was done as a gift for my two daughters.   They are shown on the left at
ages 25 and 26.  That was me in the middle at age 26 and my mother next to me at age 18.  Her mother  was a young
mother of 23.  It was fun to draw the young women spanning a century of time.  What made me chuckle was when
someone commented that the three "sisters" on the left really resembled each other..
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website.  Thank you
Some of you have asked if I would show another WIP (work in progress).   So far this year, I have
been so busy drawing that I really have neglected my updates and I'm sorry about that.  

Come see the finished drawing at Winter Market Craft Show in Boalsburg Dec. 7 & 8
Show Schedule:
People's Choice Festival - July 9-12
Art Exhibit in Mechanicsburg-   Carol Colestock, Robert Hughes and
Jane Albin will be showing their works at 12 East Coover Street,
Mechanicsburg, Pa  on July 18 & 19  from 1-4pm.
Heart of Lancaster Co - Sept 5 & 6 at Roots Farmer's Market
Winter Market Craft Show - Dec. 8 & 9 atMt. Nittany Middle School,
Boalsburg Pa
Due to an increase in my costs, I will be increasing the prices of my portraits in January,
2016.  If you have previously ordered a portrait from me, I will honor the 2015 prices
on any new portraits ordered before August 1, 2016.   Thank you for your patronage.  I
love being able to provide you with an heirloom portrait that will be enjoyed for
generations to come.